Light Therapy

Photo Biomodulation

Light Therapy, also known as Photo Biomodulation, is a therapeutic technique that uses specific wavelengths of light to trigger a healing response in the body. It reduces inflammation, recharges cells, and helps heal tissues. It is a safe, FDA-approved treatment for anti-aging, hair loss reversal, acne, pain relief, wound healing, and fat loss.

Light Therapy excels at stimulating collagen production in the skin and increasing micro-circulation. This benefits the blood and lymphatic systems and reduces inflammation in the skin and superficial tissues. Light Therapy is the secret to super-charging the other modalities in your anti-aging program as it can be seamlessly added to Microneedling and Facial Acupuncture treatments.

Increasing circulation and reducing inflammation can also benefit other parts of the body. Recent studies show how Light Therapy improves recovery time from sports training and acute injuries and it can also be used to treat arthritis.

It also increases production of melatonin in the body to promote relaxation and healthy sleep patterns. Light Therapy can even be used on the scalp to promote hair growth!


Benefits of Light Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Results are typically seen after ten sessions. Treatments can be as frequent as daily but one to three times per week is more common. Ideally, Light Therapy should be combined with other anti-aging modalities to enhance the results. It can be seamlessly added to Facial Acupuncture or Microneedling/Nanoneedling sessions.

Blue Light: Wavelength 423 nm
Bacteria killing, skin cleaning, cell activation, injury recovery, acne, skin sterilization, prevention of wounds. Acne and bacteria.

Yellow Light: Wavelength 583 nm
Improving cells oxygen utilization, promotes circulation, red spots & red face, helps remove pigments. Rosacea, bruising and spider veins. Hot skin.

Red Light: Wavelength 640 nm
The most penetrating power, skin cell regeneration, increases oxygen content in the blood, stimulates circulation, improves acne and wound healing, eases pain, enhances energy, promotes collagen, improves wrinkles. Anti-Aging.

Yes! It is an FDA-approved treatment and is very safe as long as you are using high-quality equipment and not having excessive exposure. Be sure to tell your practitioner if you have any chronic diseases or skin conditions. Some may react adversely and this procedure should be modified or avoided

Yes! Any body part can benefit from Light Therapy. It is commonly used on the scalp for hair growth protocols and on joints for arthritis.

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